Layla Mattress Density

If you’re looking for a new kind of mattress, look no further than the Layla Sleep brand. This bed is created with advanced technology that allows it to provide all of the support you need. All of the beds from this brand have high quality materials, so you know you’re getting a good deal when you buy one of these. It doesn’t take long to give these beds a test drive, so find out exactly what you can expect from them.

The most important to the best sleep possible is layer thickness. The Layla Hybrid offers five layers, which means your spine won’t be Jarred when you sleep. Starting on the softer side, there is a 2.5 inch copper Gel memory foam layers, followed by a 1.5-inch thick “max heat” memory foam core. On the firmer side, a durable Terry cloth backing makes for a great sleep surface, while the optional waffle mattress pad can make the bed even warmer.

The second most important feature of the best Layla sleep product is what it’s called the “layla” memory foam. This extremely lightweight material is comprised of open cells that are much more flexible than your traditional memory foam. This allows the sleeper to get more support while sleeping, which means a better night of rest and more energy as well. The open cell construction allows air to circulate around the body, so it is more comfortable than your traditional flippable mattresses.

In addition to the open cell construction, this premium quality memory foam has what is known as “Motion Suspension Technology.” This technology is what allows the mattress to resist slippage, or “kneeling” down into a reclining position. You will not be awakened with a sudden jolt, if you choose to lay on a poorly designed mattress, which can cause pressure sores. Also, this unique motion isolation feature means that you can wake up feeling more refreshed from a good night’s sleep.

One of the biggest complaints about conventional sleep systems is the tendency for them to push the sleeper’s knees out. When you lay on your side in a traditional mattress, your hips may hit the front of the mattress or even the back. When you sleep on your back this way, it can cause pressure sores that result in nasty cramps. However, with the Layla, you are able to lay this way on either side of your mattress, providing a very comfortable support. No one will ever know you were not lying on your back.

Another great feature that most people are unfamiliar with is the Layla’s temperature neutrality. Most sleep systems provide some sort of temperature control, with some going all the way to regulating the temperature of the air inside your room. The problem with these temperature controls is that you are either too hot when sleeping or too cold, ruining your sleep for no reason at all.

With the Layla, you are provided with two separate layers. The base (which houses the spring base) is made out of expanded polystyrene, while the second layer is made out of high density copper-infused memory foams. The “soft” layer on the other hand, is made out of a highly breathable (up to 50 percent less than ordinary mattresses) material. The “hard” layer houses your springs, which is encased in a non-skid backing.

So what makes these mattresses so special? They are among the highest quality mattresses available and are also among the most supportive. In fact, the extended memory foam (also known as the “layer one”) is so dense, it provides for ultimate support and comfort even after you have fallen asleep. This makes the Layla the best mattress to sleep on. The company has also taken steps to protect your health. Each year, they donate ten percent of all Layla Sleep Mattress sales to charity.